Forget your inhibitions! From 10 pm, you are free to live your dream! Erotic Dream – Swingers Party

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The sexiest socializing between adults, in an erotic corner of freedom 🔞

Attraction Club

Get ready for two incendiary nights in the most famous swing club, located in the heart of Bucharest!

All Swing lovers know that Attraction Club is the only place where they will never be disappointed, because we are the leaders of adult entertainment in Romania for 12 years!

We have the most conducive Swing atmosphere, as well as an incredibly erotic and aphrodisiac setting. 

Live the most erotic nights at Attraction Club, the place where all fantasies come true! 😝

Created by mavericks for mavericks - we really know your needs and every time we go all out to organize the best swing parties in the country, to ensure that you fully enjoy the erotic sophistication of the club and have unforgettable fun between adults!

What awaits you at this Swingers Party?

We love to provide participants with an exciting atmosphere! Therefore, the first 2 drinks + the welcome champagne are on the house! At the same time, the evening begins with a incendiary show made by Jessy, our entertainer, who will start the most exciting and erotic party of your life!

Ca hostess, you will find it on Emilia – Many of you know her, she was the host of several Attraction Club parties – Emilia will welcome you to this unforgettable evening and will be able to answer your questions about the party.

At Attraction Club, you always have the sexiest socializing and fun between couples, and everyone is free of false prejudices and preconceptions. We're here for a good time! Emilia is waiting for you from 10 p.m. so that there is enough time for a sexy socializing! 😜 sexy socializing pe cinste! 😜 

Join the most non-conformist couples who visit the Attraction Club, want to have fun and enjoy together the erotic atmosphere that envelops our location. Elegance and flirtation are indispensable, Attraction Club is always the perfect scenery for experiencing the most powerful sexual experiences with our special guests.

Why choose Attraction Club?

We want to offer all Swing lovers an experience of not to forget, whether it's their first time at a swing party, or they're regular customers.

No night at Attraction Club is the same, because we innovate every party with erotic themes, specially designed to increase your sexual appetite and stimulate you in ways you've never been stimulated before!

Attraction Club is the only place where prejudices disappear completely, discretion is the order of the day, and pleasure and satisfaction radiate to the maximum. 

The red lights, the luxurious design of the location, the exciting music and our top guests give the unforgettable experience that you will only find here, because we are the leaders of adult services in Romania for 12 years!

Our entertainer will give everyone an incredible show, from the beginning of the evening, to further relax the atmosphere and delight the participants.

We love to give our guests the opportunity to live out their most cherished fantasies, so we revolutionize every party to ensure that every experience lived at Attraction Club is something unique.
Senzualitatea este elementul nelipsit al petrecerii, cât și atmosfera autentică de Swing pe care o găsiți doar aici.

You definitely want to impress, so get your sexiest clothes, and make others want you!
See you soon! 

Frequently asked questions related to the EROTIC DREAM party

The timing is "just perfect"! 🙂 It is a party where we will focus on socializing in the first part, which has already made many participants to be announced, after only last week we reopened with a full club on Friday and Saturday. In addition, we have Emilia, a very nice girl as the hostess of the party, ready to welcome you and familiarize you with the location. It's the perfect time to come!
No, by no means. Take the opportunity to see what it's all about and feel like you're in any other club. Just come to have a drink, socialize, go out somewhere new and possibly meet new world. It will surely energize your relationship as a couple and make you crazy for good, even just going out to such a place! From here, everything is up to you.
We open at 10 p.m. precisely because we want you to socialize and feel good and not pressured by anyone or anything. Leave all your worries at home, escape from everyday life and feel like you've stepped out of the country, into a free and unprejudiced world. Come meet special people, just like you. So we suggest you come early, between 22 and 23. Take an Uber, Bolt, taxi and your passport 🤣 and come to Agricultori street number 16. Emilia is ready to welcome you! 🤗 😘
Codul vestimentar al clubului recomandă o ținută elegantă, care, de preferință, să excludă orice tip de îmbrăcăminte sau încălțăminte sport. Se recomandă o ținută sexy și stilată, atât pentru femei, cât și pentru bărbați (smart-casual), care să îi facă atrăgători unii pentru ceilalți. Clubul dispune de garderobă și dulăpioare securizate unde vă puteți lăsa lucrurile în siguranță. You definitely have sexy clothes, this is the best place to use them! 😜
The entrance fee is 260 lei per couple and includes a welcome champagne and two drinks from the house each, which our bartender will gladly prepare for you :). You can pay at the entrance, by bank card, in cash or, if you are a couple, even in advance, now, online, below. In any case, we recommend payment by bank card. By paying online now, you're in for a surprise, which you won't be able to refuse afterwards 😉
No problem, we understand and are ready to listen and provide you with all the necessary information. We invite you to read the entire section of FAQs, or call us or write us on WhatsApp at the number 0731.578.887. Emilia is waiting to answer you with love!

Buy ticket now online safely, with your bank card!
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