Dear friends, I am very happy for the opportunity you give me to share the sensational moments that I experienced intensively in your location. I found out about the location by chance from a friend who used to visit such locations in other countries, together with his partner. I have to confess that at first I was reluctant to propose to my dating partner, so I decided to visit the club alone to form an impression. It was in September 2011, in an evening that started with many emotions, pleasant of course, like I haven't experienced in a long time. Being from Cluj, I stayed at a hotel in Bucharest. I started getting ready that evening, arranging myself in a very special way. Arriving at the club, I instantly relaxed thanks to the atmosphere created by you, the hosts, as well as the participants. I met 2 couples with whom I socialized even though I was alone in the restaurant. I was surprised by the openness they showed, a fact that made me feel particularly good. After discussions in 5, I, together with one of the couples, decided to go upstairs. No more than 10 minutes passed and we found all 3 of us in the same bed, huge roomy only good for the games and positions we experienced. We all felt excellent, as if we had known each other for a long time. I didn't even realize when, all of a sudden, I felt a caress on my buttocks from the young lady from the other couple. Then I realized how sensational it can be. It was about 5-6 hours full of challenges, experience, flirtations and sensations that you cannot experience anywhere else. On the first occasion, after a few months, I visited the club with my partner who was very pleased with the atmosphere. Participating together with her helped us to overcome the monotony and to advance in a new stage of our life as a couple. We realized how important is the openness of people, of couples in this club that offers exactly the environment we need to feel better than anywhere and anytime. We can't wait to come back to you to meet people, new couples and why not to meet again those we met. We congratulate you and wish you strength and enthusiasm to continue this beautiful story. Dearly!


I think that one of the most pleasant experiences I had in the Attraction Club was with a couple of American citizens, he white, she mulatto. He was short and a little plump, she was perfect. Chocolate skin, velvety, 1.70 and something, super beautiful and very shy. It was a threesome that ended with an insane orgasm from her (more specifically, she could be heard screaming throughout the club). Besides the fact that it was a successful match, I fulfilled a wish that is difficult to achieve in Romania: sex with a brunette and super beautiful girl. There were other pleasant experiences, but this one was sublime. From my side, score 10 for Attraction because it exists:) Only good!

H and M:

We are very happy to understand that our favourite club will turn 4 years. We wish you much more and to keep your values :) Do not change. We are a young couple from Bulgaria, which visited your club for first time earlier this year. We have been amazed by everything you did and the good atmosphere. We loved your staff and all the rooms and places for intimacy. We went upstairs and joined a massive orgy on the big bed which is on the left. It made me so hard that all the 3 men, except me, on the bed loved my girl's tits and didnt stop touching. The best thing to do is to see the pure human sexual desire in their eyes. We fucked infront of everyone as also she had some hot moment with one of the girls. It is an experience that we will never forget and hope to visit you soon again. Best Regards H and M P.S - Please organise more parties with Afro - American men. :) :) :)

Elena and Mihaii, Bucharest:

Very nice at you. It would be much better if the world was a little more relaxed. I don't understand why people are often so shy at first, and after going upstairs to have sex, it's like you don't recognize it. It's almost easier to propose to a couple to make an exchange upstairs than to approach them downstairs, to talk.

Nick, Brasov:

I am also curious, how did you convince your English bartender to work in a swing club in Romania. The man is very ok, the club has a lot of class.


Well done for banning smoking upstairs!!!! We have been waiting for a year for you to make this decision. It's much better now.

Katariina and Søren:

Great atmosphere guys in the club! We have visited tens of swingers club in whole Europe, and trust us, this place and the people – most of them, are great!


We are a couple from Constanta. We come to you almost twice a month in Bucharest, sometimes on Wednesdays, sometimes on weekends. It's worth all the effort.


Dear Attraction, maybe you can think about a day only for young people up to 35... I saw that you have quite a plenty young clients.

Alma and Costin:

Howdy. This is not a complaint, we just wanted to tell you that it is often cramped and we can hardly find a place to pull it. We have to stand in line at the swing... What happened to the single men? I went to your club on Friday night and there were only 2 single guys all night. They are often very useful to us, especially in the evenings when many foreign gentlemen come ;)


You made us happy! Any couple who came to your club and had the chance to meet compatible people with whom to exchange, knows what we mean. It's very hard to find someone outside of a swing club. We have wasted our energy for years trying to set up meetings on the Internet, or with couples who advertised in newspapers. It was always so embarrassing at these meetings. We have never met someone to whom we feel attracted. The hardest part was when we had to refuse, to tell them that we were not interested. In the club it's completely different, you can easily refuse anyone, people don't get upset, everyone knows that they can be accepted or refused. You don't have that pressure on your head anymore, sir, how do I get rid of them.... The only effort we make is to get ready to come to the club, hygiene, clothes, etc., the rest, once you arrive, everything is set up . We only focus on people, whom to approach, drink, dance, etc. If we find someone, we go upstairs, we don't have to stress about where to go, which hotel, how much it will cost, etc. congratulations on the 3 years!

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