What does a night at Attraction Club look like?

No party looks the same! You always meet new people, looking for sexual freedom, just like you! Our customers feel like they belong in another world, a world that they cand find here. That’s why they are regulars here, because Attraction Club makes sure their life won’t be monotone and boring. That being said, the advantages of being a Swingers are countless: you always get to meet new, open-minded people; you enjoy you free time in an amazing erotic manner, you get to have more sex, your relationship life gets to see diversity ( not like the usual couples that you meet), you’re always full of life and ready to face any challenge, you solidify your relationship, dodging divorce, and lastly (but not least) you say goodbye to inhibitions and you welcome confidence and freedom into your life!

Attraction Club is the perfect place for unleashing your erotic fantasies, thanks to its remarkable interior design, services and discretion. Our customers are impressed with our the way our club presents itself: exclusive, elegant, professional, confidential and experienced in Swing Parties. Whether we’re talking about people used to the lifestyle or people that just stepped foot in a Swingers Club, we always make sure that all of our guests are feeling welcome and comfortable.

PIER 2011

As a result of our clients’ feedback, shortly after our club has opened, Attraction Club was rewarded the Best Romanian Swingers Club prize, during the 2011 Erotic Industry Gala of Awards. We deserve it, because we are the first to introduce this clubbing lifestyle in Romania, we have the best guests, as well as the hottest atmosphere! More than that, we have a surprise for our clients. In our location, you can find a replica of Terente’s penis, the famous bandit.😊

Attraction Club is an exquisite place, where the atmosphere is filled with erotic vibes!

The most known newspapers, glossy magazines, tv shows and news websites from Romania have published, by now, countless articles about Attraction Club and the impact its opening had on modern couples based in Romania, the Swingers Lifestyle being now easier to practice and endorse.

Dozens of couples and Singles contact us weekly, wanting to learn more about Attraction Club, and hoping to join us for a Swingers Party.

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