A lot of studies have shown that most couples’ relationships have improved and became happier after both of the parties started practicing Swinging. You can convince yourself of this by coming to one of our parties, for a fun and erotic night at Attraction Club, being surounded by a very seductive atmosphere. The fact that you get to experience every fantasy that you’ve ever had here, with hot couples and singles is an unique feeling, that makes you both feel special and it will stimulate the sexual attraction between you and your partener more than you can imagine, as well as it will improve your overall mood.
No, of course not! Only you are up to decide whether you want to exchange parteners or not. It’s up to you if you want to get to know a couple/single that you feel attracted to and enjoy an erotic experience together. There are couples that visit our club just to enjoy the sexy atmosphere, to stimulate eachother in an erotic manner, without indulging in the partener exchange.
No, this is a common misconception about swingers. The golden rule of swinging is that NO means NO, and nobody should feel offended if they get declined. So, here, at Attraction Club, you’re free to live your own erotic adventure, without others taking a part in it, if you don’t want to.
Our most important advice would be that you are relaxed when coming to the club, because there’s no room for fear at a Swing Club. The way the parties are set u pis meant to make everyone feel safe and welcome, even if it is the first time they’ve stepped foot in a Swing Club. The most important thing that you need to know ist hat sex isn’t a mandatory activity that you have to participate in, neither is the act of exchanging parteners. You can politely say no to any offers that you don’t feel comfortable with, without making anyone feel offended. Basically, our parties consist of 2 stages: a communication, meet and greeting stage that usually takes place in the lounge section of the club, located on the first floor. The erotic stage of the party takes place on the second floor of the building, in the erotic rooms.
Yes. Single ladies and gentlemen are allowed. Couples often choose to bring a friend in order to form a trio, or they choose to visit Attraction Club because here they can meet single people that are interested in swinging. The number of single men allowed is strictly limited at every party, in order to make sure there is a balance between the number of couples, single men and single women. Our advice for single men would be to arrive around 11 PM, so that they get to meet as many participants as they can, in order to have an erotic experience.
Da. Clienții străini, inclusiv persoane de culoare, participă la aproape la fiecare petrecere Attraction Club.
Our first advice would be to stay away from subjects like politics, religion or even football. If it turns out that your conversation is as planned for more than 10 minutes, it’s more than likely that the person/couple you’re talking is interested in an erotic experience with you. You can always make the first step by suggesting that you go upstairs, to take a look at the erotic rooms. An example of that approach would be “We’re going upstairs to take a look, would you mind joining us?”. This way, you can make suggestions without sounding too brutal. Of course, you have to be prepared to accept any declines. A hesitation or a negative answer doesn’t mean that the person/couple find you unattractive. It can also mean that because they haven’t had the change to reflect together at your proposal.
Our clients are people full of aspirations, manners, that hold no prejudices regarding sex. They care about the way they look, have a good financial status, and they love some entertainment from time to time! We are proud to have them as customers, as we’ve always provided the best services for them.
Most of our clients are between 25 and 45 years old.
A woman’s desire to have a sexual experience with another woman is one of the main reasons that drives couples into the swinger lifestyle. A lot of women that come to our club feel attracted to other women. When the feeling is mutual, you might get to have an erotic experience together.
Our advice is that you make sure you are protected and safe while having sex. We provide condoms in all the erotic spaces of Attraction Club. If you want to use them or not, is up to you.
Yes, there are designated separate spaces that you can go to alone, or with another couple.
Our dress code requires our guests to have an elegant outfit, sport clothing is not allowed. We recommend that you make sure you are presentable, sexy and stylish, even is you are a man or woman.
After 1 AM, the access into the erotic rooms is only allowed in lingerie.
Not necessarily. Attraction Club doesn’t impose in any way that you get a membership. To have access into Attraction Club, all you have to do is pay the entrance fee.
This card allows you access to a an exclusive series of services and facilities, such as: guaranteed access into the club, without having to book a reservation; access to exclusive members only parties, the possibility of renting the club for special occasions, exclusive discounts, and many more.
Yes. Attraction Club is a private club, where all guests have to book their spot. You can also have an Attraction Club Member’s Card, which allows you to come to any parties without having to book a spot first.
Footage of any kind is strictly forbidden in Attraction Club, under any circumstances. If you want to remember the experience you’ve had here, you can opt to have a professional photoshoot in our Shop, done by professional photographers with experience in erotic photography.
Our entry fee includes party food and a selection of exotic fruits and chocolate, as well as hygiene accessories and welcome champagne. Our bar prices are the same as any other club in Bucharest, a soft drink being 9 RON and a long drink 22. We also offer Moet&Chandon champagne, as well as an extensive range of wines, cocktails (with our without alcohol).
At the moment, you can only pay using a card at the bar.
Cea mai bună metodă pentru a fi ținuți la curent cu petrecerile și noutățile din Attraction Club este să deveniți membru al clubului. Săptămânal ,din ce în ce mai multe persoane aleg să devină membri, tocmai pentru că doresc să păstreze cât mai apropiată legătura cu clubul și să fie primii care să beneficieze de informațiile de ultimă oră cât și de oportunitățile și promoțiile exclusive. Puteți alege totuși doar să primiți, săptămânal un newsletter pe e-mailul vostru cu petrecerile noastre, abonându-vă chiar acum. Ulterior, puteți alege să vă dezabonați în orice moment, fără nicio obligație.
Attraction Club can be found in a central area of Bucharest. The address and map are available here. here.
Razvan Hotel is a high quality hotel, situated only 4 minutes away from Attraction Club. You can find more info here.

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